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About Us

 Welcome to American Posh Dealer! We appreciate you are taking out some time to read about us. At Posh, we encourage our customers and visitors to discover color, find their confidence, and craft out their beautiful selves with a wide range of beauty products that we have on sale. Whatever the look you desire, at Posh, we can help you get it. From makeup and jewelry to other cosmetic product, at Posh, you can always find it. Create that extra glimmer with our eye-shadow, treat your skin with high quality foundation, and enhance your look with highly impressive after hours eye lining flicks with highly-rated, long-lasting products from the best manufacturer in the industry.

American Posh Dealer is a distributor and supplier of affordable cosmetic products and jewelry and offer nationwide and international shipping for cosmetics with fast delivery even to the remotest part of the country. Avail yourself of our collection today. Whatever your cosmetic needs are, Posh Cosmetics is the one-place you can get the latest trends in beauty this season or any season whatsoever. From sun-protection products that help protect your skin from the sun to products that make you steal the show at event, Posh will be there for you. Pick the best that the industry has to offer through us as we have made buying online beauty products simpler.

 What’s more? We are committed to ensuring that our customers get 100% buying protection as we provide a secure and safe online ordering experience with payment options that are convenient.

It doesn’t matter what your skin complexion is to us at Posh, we have a wide range of assorted beauty products that will make purchasing your favorite beauty product a walk in the park. So stock up your makeup kit with the most affordable cosmetic products from Posh.

Our belief:

 For quite some time now, we at Posh Cosmetic have devoted all our energy, efforts, and resources to one area of human endeavor: beauty. We belief that the business of beauty is one that is rich in meaning and ideas, and ultimately one that allows every individual express their personalities, improve confidence in themselves, and enable them open up to others through the use of affordable Posh products.

We believe that beauty is a language to be worn. We believe that by making affordable makeup and jewelry available for our customers, we are not only helping them improve their confidence, we are also giving them the opportunity to express themselves in the universal language of beauty. Posh cosmetics has set itself aside to pursue the mission of giving all men and women the opportunity to get access to makeup and jewelry that are of the best quality, are top-of-the-class in terms of efficacy, and meet all safety requirements. Because we always strive to meet the infinite diversity of beauty and make up needs all over the world, we have remained a highly sought-after company in the cosmetic product business.

Run by individuals that are highly driven by providing top and affordable makeup products and jewelry, Posh Cosmetics has been able to push the frontiers of knowledge in the industry and able to place in the hands of our customers, what they need at the price that they want it. Our staff work ceaselessly in order to continue to explore territories and bring to our customers product of the future while making use of beauty rituals from different parts of the world.

 At Posh, we believe that beauty is a commitment, we leverage on our suppliers and customers in order to provide access to affordable beauty products, makeup, and jewelries that are not only of high quality but preserve the beauty of the environment and support local communities. This is not a small challenge, but our commitment to bringing to our customers the best, affordable, and environmentally-friendly is what keeps us awake at night.

By leveraging on the diversity of the teams that works with us and the richness of our portfolios, we are making the universality of beauty our project for now and for several years to come.

 Our History

We were founded out of a fascination of owner’s fascination for art, business, and beauty. We are a brand that honors the style, spirit, and sensibility of beauty. By leveraging on our knowledge of the beauty industry, the needs of our customers (as diverse as they are), we have been able to consistently bring to our customers affordable Posh cosmetics, Makeup, and Jewelry. By forging alliances with the top manufacturers of beauty products in the industry, we have been able to get access to an extensive list of cosmetic products that will blow your mind but take little out of your pocket. Posh cosmetic products are carefully selected in such a way that our users are transformed to become more elegant, strong, and feminine. We provide products that give our customers the confidence to achieve wealth and success because we believe that they deserve.

At American Posh Dealer, our cosmetic products infuses the power of elegance in order to provide the woman of today with responsible elegance and glamour. Our products have always proved to be timeless and effective.

Our commitment

Posh cosmetics strives for excellence when sourcing for the right cosmetic products to list on our website. We only source from manufacturers who have unique makeup formulas made from the finest natural, safe, and effective ingredients. Every product listed on our website is made using the finest natural, safe, and highly effective ingredients. In terms of performance standards, our products surpass industry standard and give the best results when you wear them on your skin.

Our Promise

Every single product from American Posh Dealer is absolutely 100% authentic. If you feel that you have bought any product that is not authentic, we encourage you to send us an email or give us a call. As a consumer ourselves, we expect the best from our suppliers. Your safety and satisfaction is what is our major concern at Posh. As retailers of cosmetic products and jewelry, our commitment is in providing consumers with quality products and useful information that will enable them make informed decisions about the product they are purchasing. We have designed our website in such a way that it is easy for our customers to get the quality product they desire and deserve. We hope that you will find our website very useful for your cosmetic needs and we hope it supplements whatever information you currently have. We also hope that our website will be your one-stop shop for all your cosmetic needs.